A Symbol of Freedom washing over the Land
I was sitting in the Gorge, watching the Dave Matthews Band onstage, when suddenly the entire 27,500 member audience sang the lyrics in unison:

“Love, love, love, what more is there?
Because we need the light of love in here
Don’t beat your head
Dry your eyes
Let the love in there
There are bad times
But that’s okay
Just look for love in it

And don’t burn the day away…”

As everyone around me sang in harmony I saw a beautiful burst of geometry rise up from the audience, high up into the sky, above the crowd, above the Columbia River, above the entire state of Washington.  It was then I imagined it washing over the entire country from West to East, bringing freedom to all of humanity: freedom from racism and bigotry; freedom from guilt, pain, shame and grudge-holding; freedom from injustice and oppression; and most definitely freedom from corrupt elite control.

It’s powerful indeed when a large crowd focuses on love and freedom at the same time.

Wilhelm Reich stated, “If the psychic energies of the average mass of people watching a football game could be diverted into the rational channels of a freedom movement, they would be invincible.”

The Process of Freedom:


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