I was fortunate enough to get to spend one week painting with Alex and Allyson Grey and 13 other artists at their place in upstate New York in 2015.  It was a challenging experience…but it changed my painting for the better.

I created this piece while I was there.  I woke up to a dream where a beautiful black woman, who did not have wings but I knew she was an angel, was singing to me in a beautiful garden.  Her voice was like no other voice I have ever heard in waking life.  It was beyond beautiful.  There are no words to describe it.

She was singing a song to me.  The last lyric was …”so rise once more into that noble light…” and then I awoke.  If only I could have remembered the whole song, but I’m lucky I remembered the last verse.  So that day, after I awoke and returned to my easel which I had been laboring over unsuccessfully for several days, I painted this painting.

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